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Home Page November 13, 2009.
New photos from Niagara Falls Click.

November 12, 2009.
New video. The look over the sky.

November 11, 2009.
New photos about snowboarding at Mamay near Irkutsk. Click. Beautiful and wild place

November 10, 2009.
New video about this quite slow working season Click. Still fun!

October 25, 2009.
Bridge Day 2009 30th in it's history and the first one for me has just gone. My detailed report in Russian is on Krasbaser.ru . And video footage from my camera is in video section.

May 15, 2009.
Now we've got a new video source. It's vimeo.com. Quality of video clips now is much much better!

May 15, 2009.
"Video" section has been updated. There is new movie about crazy BASE-jumpers in cold Siberia "Winter 2008-2009". Russian language - international jumps :)

February 18, 2009.
There is a new movie in Video section about BASE jumps in Twin Falls, Idaho.

January 29, 2009.
"Photo" section has been updated with a gallery about New Year's jumps into Tuim's gap. Video section has been also updated.

December 9, 2008.
There is a new photo gallery in "Photo" section from trip to Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls in Idaho

August 31, 2008.
New Russian National record set in Aerograd Kolomna this week - 135-way.

August 16, 2008.
New Russian National freefly record set - 14-way.
Participants: Maksim Fedoseev, Dmitry Sorvanov, Vasily Rodin, Konstantin Makarenko, Nikolay Vylegzhanin, Evgeny Podolyako, Pavel Pervakov, Igor Bugaev, Alexei Bukleev, Olga Bakulina, Timur Asanov, Alexei Simonov, Andrey Shemetov, Alexander Golovkin.
Videographer: Sergey Viter

May 9, 2008.
Aerograd Kolomna is working on the highest level, as usual. It stays the best place for skydiving and improving skills for everybody regardless of proficiency. We jump every day from dawn till sunset and stop only if the weather does't allow us to take off. I would only wish the living facilities for staff are catching up the volume of work that's keeping grow up.

April 21, 2008.
Video section has been restructured and updated. Thanks to vkadre.ru data portal it's now possible to watch live movies without primarily downloading. The last version of Flash Player is required for viewing.

Finally we got some nice weather in Delaware! There were few perfect days free of rain and wind, that we've taken a lot from. As a result "Skydiving" category of Photo section has been also updated.

March 7, 2008.
Structure of Photo page have been changed. Pictures have been updated and classified by categories and last add-ons.

December 25, 2007.
There is a new ad in "Video" part - Aerograd mix movie that contains some of various jumps made in Aerograd Kolomna in 2007.

December 19, 2007.
Finally video page works. A host has been found, movies downloaded and links works :). There are two movies at the moment: about skydiving at DelMarVa and at California in 2006. Add-ons are expected to be soon.

December 15, 2007.
Today is my father's birthday! And today we could see an amazing sunset, that I did not see at this place ever before... Looks like nice present for his anniversary.

December 15, 2007.
Photo gallery has been updated with some photographs of sky that looks even beautiful either when you're watching it from the ground or from several kilometers height.

November 19, 2007.
Photo gallery has been updated. There are some of works in Aerograd in parts 1, 2, 3 and 4, where are some of routine jumps of the season presented.

November 16, 2007.
Video part of the site is still not available at the moment but it will appear soon.

November 14, 2007.
Russian version is available now. There are also some new photographs in the gallery.

November 11, 2007.
There are a little new photos in the photo gallery from last weekend's jump with Maria Ryabikova skysurfing in Aerograd.

November 6, 2007.
Guestbook is working now. Leave your feedbacks :)

November 4, 2007. TEST
This site is in test mode at the moment. Therefore the photo gallery has only some of photographs, just so that to be enough to check how does it work. There are also no videos yet and there are some invalid links. But all of faults will be repaired soon. Because this is my first experience in web site writing, I will really appreciate any useful advices or recommendations how to make it more appropriate and comfortable.

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